AsiaFriendFinder: Asian Dating Site Review

December 21, 2007 – 5:17 pm


No-one wants to spend their hard earned cash joining a dating site only to find that within a few days they’ve seen all of the profiles of potential dates and there’s no one suitable left to contact.

That’s the trouble with lots of dating sites that pretend to be really well established operations but in reality are pretty new and have a handful of members on their books.

Well the good news is that’s certainly not going to be a problem you’ll encounter if you join

With over five millions members worldwide - including hundreds of thousands in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia – you’ll not run out of profiles to browse any time soon.

AsiaFriendFinder is a giant in the international online dating scene and a well established branch of the global FriendFinder network.

One of the reasons that AsiaFriendFinder is able to have such a vast number of members is that it doesn’t focus on any single country so the potential user base is truly enormous.

However, there is a definite leaning towards Chinese dating on the site – a trend that is underlined by the availability of the site in Chinese languages as well as English, the ‘global language of the internet’.

If you’re a particular fan of women from other Asian nations, don’t worry…there are still countless of members profiles from many other countries, such as Japan, Korea and the Philippines.

Highlights of AsiaFriendFinder

AsiaFriendFinder – like all of the FriendFinder network - is one of the most impressive dating sites on the net in terms of communication features.

The folks behind the site have really invested a lot of time and effort into coming up with some really great tools for to help their users make contact, swap tips and generally form rewarding social communities.

Some of the best features on AsiaFriendFinder:

  • Message Center: All dating sites have email functions but AsiaFriendFinder’s is particularly good. It’s very easy to use, and there is also the option to select from a drop down menu of pre-written replies if you want to send a rapid response.
  • Winking: Once you join you will be able to send a ‘wink’ to someone which is great if you’re a bit shy or really busy. The ‘wink’ tool is also a really good way to size up someone’s initial attraction to your photo without investing time in writing them a long email.
  • Instant messenger: The IM feature is fantastic way to get to know someone before you meet them. There’s loads less pressure than there is on the phone, and it’s also free with your membership so no big phone bills. And while email is good for initial contact making, IM is a much faster and fun way to have an online conversation.
  • Blogs: as a member of AsiaFriendFinder you can set up your own blog to let the all of those single Asian women out there get a taste of your personality. You can really express yourself with a blog and use it to ‘sell yourself’ through humor and the interesting ideas you share.
  • Groups: AsiaFriendFinder offers the ability for members to create discussion groups which are essentially forums divided into special interest areas. Guys and girls can ask questions about different cultures, contribute comments and, of course, get to know each other in a relaxed and informal online environment.

This is just a selection of the many features available to use once you join AsiaFriendFinder. To find out more for yourself and to check the latest membership prices visit AsiaFriendFinder.