FrenchFriendFinder: French Dating Site Review

December 21, 2007 – 5:14 pm

The photo on the home page of FrenchFriendFinder says it all - this is a site for some of the most passionate, romantic and sexy people in the world.

As part of the popular FriendFinder group of dating websites, there is a strong and experienced team behind the scenes working hard to make the online dating experience as rewarding and successful as possible.

FrenchFriendFinder has a pretty sizable number of members - coming up to half a million - considering it is a niche site with a focus on a single nationality.

As you would expect, the best represented by a long way are those living in France (around 170,000 members) but there are French people living all over the world and you are bound to find a good number withing meeting distance of you. There are 38,000 FrenchFriendFinder members in the US, 22,000 in Canada and more than 7000 in the UK.

FrenchFriendFinder may be one of the smaller FriendFinder internet personals sites, but just like its sister websites it is already among the most impressive for online communication features.

Some of the best features on FrenchFriendFinder:

  • Message Center: The message center is probably the feature you will use the most if you join FrenchFriendFinder. At its heart is the emailing function which is simple to use, and contains a fast-reply feature which lets you choose a pre-written response from a menu if you don’t want to spend too long writing out an email.
  • Winking: A very widely used feature is the ‘wink’. You can choose to ‘wink’ at another member which is a cute way of saying ‘I’d like to find out more about you’. If the recipient feels the same you could be well on your way to a date with a hot French girl!
  • Instant messenger: Instant messaging is a very good tool for chatting on quite a personal level before you decide to meet in person. When you’re conversing via IM there is not so much pressure as there would be on the phone, and there’s also no phone bill to think about of course.
  • Blogs: Becoming a full member of FrenchFriendFinder entitles you to create your own blogs and share their thoughts with French women from around the world. With your unique blog you can ’sell yourself’ though your sense of humour and get across the kind of person you are.
  • Groups: The discussion forum area - referred to as Groups - allows members of both genders to get together with others who have similar interests to discuss ideas and get to know each other. Groups are a great community tool and one of the big plusses of FrenchFriendFinder membership.

This is just a selection of the many features available to use once you join FrenchFriendFinder. To find out more for yourself and to check the latest membership prices visit FrenchFriendFinder.