Indian women look to the West

December 21, 2007 – 12:00 am

With millions of young Indian women travelling the world for work and vacation, it’s no coincidence that the trend of dating men from other countries has become much more widespread.

In a country that has been traditionally pretty set in its ways in terms of romance and marriage, there has been a real shift in recent years.

This is good news for Western men who admire Indian women. There is a better chance than ever to connect with Indian women, who are now more and more interested in starting relationships with foreign men.

If you’d like to meet a girl with a traditional sense of family and home combined with a modern woman’s interest in career than you’ll be glad for this opportunity.

Now it seems that in a culture that has been traditionally closed and conservative, younger generations of empowered Indian women have broken free of cultural constraints to love whom they choose. In this case, many Indian women are choosing Western partners.

In fact, many of India’s high profile women role models - from CEOs to super models and Bollywood stars - have found love in the arms of American and European men.

Western men are more accustomed to dating and marrying women who value their careers, as well as families. Indian women may find your openness and sensitivity charming characteristics.

They will also want a man who is stable financially and committed to his family – for even the most modern Indian woman, family is still a primary concern.

Indian women are revered and respected as mothers and daughters in their society. They demand to be treated with respect and will expect you to show them chivalry and good manners.

All in all, Indian women are usually not looking for a casual fling, so don’t expect any ‘no strings fun. It’s more likely that they will prefer to get to know their potential partners pretty well and want to date for a long period of time.

If you are interested in an woman of Indian descent who’s grown up outside of India, then you need to find out how she sees herself.

There are many Indian women who’ve grown up in the Western world and do not consider themselves Indian. For instance, an Indian woman whose grown up in the States may consider herself as American as apple pie.

Make sure you get to know her as an individual. You can express genuine interest in her cultural background, but remember she may identify more with the values of the country you both call home than of her parents’ country.

If you end up with an Indian woman as a partner you are sure to value her for her wit, kindness and beauty.

Dating a woman from India allows you to experience a rich and new culture. Starting a relationship with a woman of Indian descent will also expose you to a fascinating world, while allowing the two of you to connect through your shared culture.