Italian girls just want to have fun!

December 21, 2007 – 5:19 pm

If you’re keen to date a beautiful Italian woman, then you probably already know that they are famed for both their feminine demeanor in public and their hot-blooded Latin temperament behind closed doors.

If the idea of a demure yet fiery Latin lover gets you going, then you’ll be pleased to hear that getting a hot date with a single Italian girl could be a whole lot easier than ever before.

The days of early marriage and motherhood are over for many modern young Italian women, while career and freedom have taken center stage.

Italy has just topped the international charts for the number of births by women over the age of 40. As Italian women continue to advance in their careers, many have opted to have fewer children, and when they do, to start having them much later in life.

What this means for a man visiting Italy – or a guy hoping to date an Italian girl in his home country – is simple: the pressure is off and you have a much better chance of finding a fun, no strings date.

Italian women tend to have a modern attitude towards romance, sex, love and work – they want it all. This means that you’re less likely to find Italian paramour looking for early commitment or marriage. This could mean a fun fling or an easy going love affair with a beautiful young woman.

More and more Italian women want romance and passion through their teens and twenties without much thought to marriage and family until their thirties.

This is a golden opportunity for any foreign man to have a passionate love affair with a sexy Italian woman, without the issues found in many modern romances.

Since career and independence has eclipsed devotion to family and children, this has left Italian women with many other interests.

Fashion and fun are prime concerns of the stylish Italian woman. If you want to get to know an Italian woman, then make sure you know how to dress and where to go.

Italy is a center of the fashion world, and Italian women with more disposable income to spend on themselves look the part.

If you want to dazzle an Italian woman they pay attention to your own style. Study Italian fashion magazines and go for a sleek and polished look. In Italy, both men and women pay attention to how they dress – to get the girl, you’ll need to do the same.

Get to know the bar, café and club scene wherever you plan to spend time in Italy. Single Italian women love to go out on the town.

Knowing about the local scene will help you to woo your date. You’ll want to know where to take her and what’s happening in town.

Keep in mind that the Italian women you’ll want to impress are well-educated, confident and cultured – they may not want a ring, but they do want a man who is sophisticated.