Lesbian dating site tips: stand out in her crowded inbox

April 25, 2008 – 5:49 pm

The lesbian dating scene is hot, especially online. A single girl looking for prospects rarely spends any time alone and her inbox is always full.

If you don’t make the right moves, your attempts to get her attention might go unnoticed. So, how can you flirt to get her attention online? How can you get noticed in her crowded inbox? The following tips will help you out:

Flirting Online: Get Her Attention

Women are romantics, and they love to flirt and be flirted with. But they are also particular. If you say the wrong thing, it only takes one click to ignore you and block you out for good. If you want to get noticed, you need to be classy. You need to say the right things to make her think about you when she is not logged on.

Before we get into what you should be saying, let’s take a few moments to talk about what you shouldn’t be saying. Never ask a woman about her body shape or size, and avoid comments about her endowments. These types of comments do not turn a woman on and make her feel attractive. They are a big turn off. Avoid copy and paste poems and song lyrics. This is cheesy and immature. Never say anything disrespectful. Contrary to popular belief, women do not respond very well to machismo.

If you want to get a woman’s attention, comment on what you know about her. Tell her you admire her for this or for that. Statements like “Wow that takes a lot of strength” and “You blow me away,” work very well. You can comment on her appearance as long as it is non sexual. Her eyes, her hair and her face are great places to start. E-cards are okay, but make sure they are tailored for her. If you know she enjoys a certain subject, try to find a card in this area. And, please, keep these at a minimum.

Get Noticed in Her Inbox

If a woman has signed up with an online dating site, her inbox is crowded. But most of the messages will be generic. This increases your chance of getting noticed, but you still have to do something a little extra. The subject line of your message and your screen name is your only chance. Make sure they both attract women, not send them running away.

First, let’s talk about your screen name. This will be visible with your message. Choose a classy name that suits your personality. Avoid suggestive names like “sirlicksalot” and “coochybandit.” Names that describe your relationship identity such as “butch” and “femme” are okay.

You should also avoid sexual innuendo when it comes time to create a message subject line. You should also avoid generic lines such as “You caught my eye” or “hello.” Instead, read her profile and pick out something that interests you. If she likes to hike, incorporate this into your subject line. Showing that you took the time to read about her will grab her attention every time.