Lesbian dating website ‘rules’: should you juggle dates or not?

March 18, 2008 – 3:16 pm

Online dating has made it possible for you to meet more people than ever before.

It has greatly enlarged your social circle and made it possible for you to meet attractive women who have the same interests as you.

When you start dating women online it’s possible to find several ladies who catch your interest and you may be tempted to juggle rather than to settle on just one. Should you?

When it comes to juggling women online, there are amusing stories and then there are horror stories, and we all have heard our fair share of each.

We all have that one friend that is able to juggle numerous women and keep all of their information straight.

She never seems to get caught in a tangle. She can even take multiple dates to the same function and leave still connected with each. And then, there is the friend who can’t get it right no matter how hard she tries.

Successfully meeting lesbian women online and in the real world requires one thing: honesty. First, you need to be honest with yourself. What are you looking for? Are you ready for something serious or are you just having fun?

Once you figure out what you really want, you need to be honest with the women you talk to. Women want you to be honest with them. If you’re dating around, tell them. They won’t mind, but they WILL mind if they think they are your only one and then turn around catch you out with another.

Even if you are honest with all of the women you talk to, juggling can be very emotionally draining.

Not only will you have little time for yourself, you may end up creating a situation that is very hard to get out of. People seem so caught up with meeting their soul mate, but what happens if you meet two people who could very well be your soul mate?

What if you develop feelings for two people? It can be heart wrenching to choose one over another and you may end up second guessing your decision for the rest of your life.

The decision to juggle or not to juggle is dependent on your circumstances and what you want out of life right now.

If you feel like you can be honest with everyone and can detach yourself from the situation, dating several people at once can be a great way to peruse your options. If you get attached to people too quickly, you should not juggle dates online or anywhere else for that matter. You will only end up getting hurt.

And that brings us to the most important part: knowing when to stop juggling. When you are ready to settle down or if you find that special women online, you have to be ready to call it off with everyone. You can only build a solid, committed relationship if you give it your undivided attention.