Lesbian online dating: asking to meet her without seeming pushy

April 25, 2008 – 5:53 pm

There is a certain amount of mystery that comes along with online dating. You can remain virtually anonymous until you are ready to reveal yourself.

The way you do it is entirely up to you, but you should know that women still expect a decent amount of respect and chivalry online. If you come across as pushy, arrogant or disrespectful, you will not get to meet very many women in person.

Meeting: are you ready? Is she?

It can be difficult to decide when to meet in person when you’re dating online. There are so many things to consider. Do you know enough about each other? Are you both interested in meeting each other? Will she be put off if you ask her to meet in person? Before you even suggest it, you should be sure that you are ready and that she is ready to take the relationship into the next phase.

How can you tell if you’re ready? The number one indicator of readiness is communication. How well are you communicating? Do you seek each other out often? If you’re the only one messaging and making the moves, she might not be as interested as you think. Just because she is responding doesn’t mean anything. Many women will respond out of kindness.

You should also build up some sort of relationship whether it be online or on the phone. Make sure that you know enough about each other before you ask to meet. A hot picture does not make someone a dateable person. Do you have anything in common? Do you have a real desire to meet this person because you enjoy interacting with her? Never decide to meet someone because you are lonely or can’t seem to find any better options.

How to ask without sounding pushy

The lesbian dating scene has its fair share of people who just can’t seem to take no for an answer. By the time you ask a woman out on a date, she has dealt with all kinds of people and turned down multiple proposals. So, how can you ask her out without sounding pushy and turning her off?

Do not ask to meet too soon. This makes a woman question your motives. Plus, it makes her feel uncomfortable. You need to be sure that she is comfortable with you before you ask her out. Pay attention to the way she is communicating with you. She will leave clues to tell you when she is ready.

When you ask to meet, have a clear idea of what you will do with your time together. If she likes antiques, you can casually ask her to go to an auction with you. This takes all of the pressure off and allows you to get to know each other. If she can’t go or turns you down, do not sound affronted. She could have a very good reason why she can’t go. Politely suggest another time.

If she turns you down twice, ask her to get in touch with you when she has time. Then, patiently wait to see what happens.