Loopy Love: UK Dating Site Review

December 21, 2007 – 5:06 pm

Despite the company that runs LoopyLove having an extremely mainstream owner in the Daily Mail Group, there is very little that’s conservative or straight-laced about it whatsoever. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

LoopyLove sets out to be a bit different from the majority of online dating sites, and even the name sounds a bit wacky, so its no surprise that this really offers a bit of an unusual internet dating experience.

The essense of LoopyLove.com is all about not taking online dating too seriously. Where a lot of sites talk about finding the perfect match and the love of your life, LoopyLove is more about finding some you can have a laugh with, who you find sexy and then taking it from there.

The nature of the profiles is pretty informal. There aren’t pages and pages of questions to answer. On LoopyLove you can get going quicky by filling out a few very basic boxes, namely a tagline (your attention grabbing headline) and a brief description of yourself and/or the kind of person you want to date.

Like everything on LoopyLove, the girls’ and guys’ member names and taglines tend to be fun rather than the ‘looking for love’ type approach.

That definitely takes the pressure off a first encounter and can help you ease into a nice early communication, the beginnings of an online and eventually a real relationship.

Speaking of communication, LoopyLove.com has all the standard features you would expect from a well run dating website. There’s email to other members, live chat and even a one-off mass message to announce to scores of women or men that you’re on the site and interested in hearing from them.

Loopy Love doesn’t boast the slickest design or the coolest features but if you like your online dating no frills and plenty of fun then it could be the site for you.