Senior dating: should you try an over 50s online dating site?

March 27, 2008 – 12:51 pm

Now, more than ever before, seniors are dating like there’s no tomorrow. What was unheard of 50 years ago is now happening in record numbers.

Can you imagine having your first date at 74? Well, it’s happening and more than you might think. Part of the surge in dating on the senior front has to deal with health.

People are living longer and feeling better. Seniors are healthy, active and they are enjoying every minute of it. We’ve all heard that the new 40 is the old 30. Well the same can be said about people who are older. People who are 70 just don’t feel 70 anymore.

While most seniors meet in church and through senior citizen organizations, some are meeting online. Can’t imagine seniors logging on? You may be surprised. You see, when the internet first arrived on the scene, older people were afraid to try it out.

It’s been here for a while now and just like the VCR, it caught on. Think about this: people who were relatively young, let’s say in their 30s, when the internet first came out are 50+ now.

So, why is the 50+ crowd turning to the internet for a date? Statistically speaking, you will never have as much chance to meet someone and fall in love as you do in high school and college. After these two milestones are completed, your chances of hooking up drop sharply. Once you enter the career world, you have a decent chance of meeting someone at work. But what happens if you’ve worked with the same people for 30 years? I bet pickings would be quite slim.

The internet makes it possible for you to meet more people than you ever could through the course of your daily routine. By logging on for an hour or two a night, you can meet dozens of people in a very short amount of time. Senior dating sites have even made it easier.

They have brought together all of the people who are looking to date later in life. So, you don’t have to worry about only finding a few people your age on the site. And you don’t have to feel embarrassed about posting your own profile. Everyone there is a senior and everyone wants to meet someone special.

Even if you don’t choose to use a senior dating site, sites always include an age-filter. This means that you can browse profiles of people within a certain age range. And you don’t have to worry about meeting people who are too far away to date. Dating sites also have an option that allows you to only see the profiles of people within a certain mile radius from where you live.

If you want to date, don’t let your age hold you back. It is never too late to find the love of your life. And if you need help finding him, why not try to look for him online?