Toyboywarehouse: forget hotel bars, find your toyboy in a ‘warehouse’

January 21, 2008 – 8:03 pm

The name is pretty cheeky and you may have already heard of it from TV, radio or in print - but let’s find out what Toyboy warehouse is really all about.

Well first of all obviously the people behind this entertaining dating site don’t really have a warehouse full of toyboys. That would be seriously weird, although it is the internet so you never really know for sure.

In order to give loyal DatingtheWorld readers the lowdown on Toyboywarehouse, one of our intrepid reporters (me actually) joined the site for a couple of weeks. What I found among the profiles of the women and men, the messages I received and the posts in the discussion forum was pretty interesting.

The toy boys are a diverse bunch and range in age, but 20s and 30s seem most predominant as you would expect. Men of any age can join - but in order to preserve the spirt of the site theme, men can only search for women at least one year older. And the reverse is true of women.

Now this part is a educated speculation, but I got the impression that a lot of the guys on are more interested in fulfilling a Mrs Robinson fantasy that actually forming a long term relationship with an older woman.

Why would this be you may ask? Well, being the social creatures that most of us humans are, the drive to ‘conform to the norm’ is very strong indeed - and the norm is to meet a girl around your own age, settle down, have kids, buy a house in the suburbs and live happily ever after. Massive generalisation, but you get the idea.

But…as well as being social creatures, many of us are highly sexual critters too, and let’s face it - most red-blooded young men have at one time fancied an older woman. It’s just natural - older women may have a few more miles on the clock but they they could take you places that a younger chick just hasn’t discovered yet.

And so toyboywarehouse seems to provide a fun, free and relatively anonymous environment for curious men to explore the older woman fantasy through messaging and swapping pictures with women old enough to be their school teacher (you know, the one with the low cut top that half the year 12 boys thought they had a chance with).

Of course, there are probably a fair number of Toyboy Warehouse guys who are looking for the real thing - but I reckon it’s just going to be a job for the ladies to work out who is after what in the ‘real world’. But then again, perhaps that’s not so different from a regular dating site, where there are usually plenty more browsers than buyers.

And what of the women who are looking for their toy boy? It’s not exactly scientific, but from my dabblings I came to the conclusion that women commonly are looking for a good time with a guy (a polite way of saying sex plus related excitement) but also there often is a strong companionship element. The older woman, I suspect, is more likely than the toy boy to want to spend the following day romantically strolling through a park and visiting a gallery or two.

Maybe it’s just the same as the more typical older man/younger woman relationship in that respect. The sugar daddy wants his night-time fun of course, but he wants to take his trophy out for the day as well - whereas the young plaything is probably more interested in meeting her girlfriends for lunch.

Having written all of this - I have to be clear this is just my hunch about what’s going on. I could be totally wrong. Maybe younger men are suddenly going to abandon beautiful young women in droves in favour of their more savvy, well off and sexually confident older rivals. Time will tell.