UK girls “go for girlie guys over muscle men”

December 20, 2007 – 9:26 pm

Put down those free weights and pick up some skin moisturiser and British women may want you that little bit more.

A study from two UK universities has demonstrated that women prefer a softer looking man over a musclehead, which means that the guys who have spent hours in the weights room to impress the ladies, may want to sign up for a yoga class instead.

This news should also encourage any guy who prefers books to bench pressing to go out and get their British girl.

The study was conducted at Universities of Durham and St. Andrew’s, where women were shown photographs of various men and asked to judge them on looks alone.

The women gave men with more ‘feminine’ features such as full lips and wide eyes ‘better’ ratings. Men who had typically masculine facial characteristics such as a strong jaw and small eyes were considered less suitable as potential mates.

Women stated they believed these ‘feminine’ men would be more faithful, make better parents and have warmer personalities than their more macho counterparts.

The women also said that the ultra masculine men would be more dominant partners and were more likely to cheat.

The scientists claim that this is what women see on a first impression, which are important because they can indicate whether or not further contact may take place and what kind of relationship may ensue. In a fast-paced society, first impressions can often make or break a potential date.

Don’t lose hope if Arnold Schwarzenegger is your role model and you spend more time in the gym than the health food store though.

Other areas of research in this study showed that strength is a key factor in determining a woman’s perceptions about a man.

A man who looks sickly or has a bad complexion is not so hot – so this means a masculine man could still win some points using proper exfoliation techniques (if you don’t know what exfoliation means – ask your sister or mother).

But the question remains – are these preferences peculiar to British or even Western women – or is it a global phenomenon? We can’t answer that yet but if the survey gets repeated overseas it’ll be featured here, so watch this space!