Vegetarian dating sites: find your perfect lifestyle match online

March 27, 2008 – 12:56 pm

It was not long after the internet became available that the first dating websites appeared. I mean, it was bound to happen, right?
Newspaper and phone personal ads were already quite popular so why not try this new medium?

While the first dating websites were melting pots, today’s websites have turned away from making matches for people in general and have started matchmaking in several distinct niches. Take vegetarian dating websites for example.

These are websites that make matches solely among vegetarians. Is there a need for this, or are themed dating websites going overboard?

Think about it this way: how long would it take to browse hundreds or thousands of profiles to find a handful of vegetarians? Too long I bet. So, if dating a vegetarian is important to you, wouldn’t it make more since to browse profiles on a vegetarian website? Of course it would.

And themed sites make sense on other levels as well. There is room for everyone: BBW, bikers, gays and lesbians, seniors, Christians and so many more. If you are looking for a particular type of person, you can find them much easier on a themed website.

But we’re getting away from the topic at hand. Why are vegetarian themed dating websites so special? Being a vegetarian often involves a lot more than just abstaining from eating meat. There are lifestyle issues involved.

Vegetarians are normally very health conscious and they take an active part in improving the environment around them and the global environment as well. A person who espouses such a lifestyle wants to meet people who walk the same walk as they do.

Not only that, think about what life would be like in a household with two people following two completely different meal plans.

If you’re dating with the goal of marriage in mind, you must think about these things. Separate meals and separate shopping lists may be more than you are willing to put up with.

Themed websites like vegetarian dating websites recognize the need for people to find someone compatible. The more compatible you are, the healthier your relationship will be.

So obviously you want to find someone who you are compatible with. Granted, there are no two people alike, but dating websites can help you find compatibility where it really counts.

Should you use a vegetarian dating website? If you’re a vegetarian, by all means, yes. You could browse profiles for hours before you found a vegetarian on a mainstream dating website. Yes, there are filters, but many filters are not so advanced to allow you to see profiles of only vegetarians.

Remember; there is no reason for you to compromise. The person you want to date exists. They are out there just waiting for you to log on and find them. If that means logging onto a vegetarian dating website, why not go for it? You might be surprised by who you will find there.