Welcome to the Love Shack, Japanese Style

December 18, 2007 – 9:23 pm

If you are traveling to Japan for work or play, there are just two things you need to know: Japanese women are some of the most beautiful in the world and many of them love Western men.

This knowledge should have you looking forward to exploring Japan date by date.

Knowing what a hot commodity a Western man is on the Japanese dating scene should give you the confidence you’ll need to ask out even the most beautiful women.

Every woman loves a sexy and confident man and for a Japanese woman these qualities are especially attractive.

Once you’ve secured a date or two – you’ll need somewhere to take her, after the date. If you’re staying with friends, sharing a hotel room or have just a single bed to call your own, you’ll need a creative solution for the end of the evening. Consider the love hotel.

A love hotel is a discreet option that allows you to rent a room for a few hours or an entire evening. In a country that is a similar size as the UK, with twice as many inhabitants - people live in close quarters, nosey neighbors, thin walls or living at home with someone’s parents can put a serious damper on your love life. A love hotel provides a simple solution.

Once you’ve made the decision to utilize this most convenient aspect of Japanese society – you’ll need to pick the right hotel for you and your lady friend.

You may notice that some are called ‘boutique hotels,’ ‘couple hotels,’ or other euphemisms – don’t let that throw you off they are all basically the same thing. Make sure to do some research on the love hotels in the city you are in to make sure you pick a good one.

Upon arrival at the love hotel you and your date will choose a room from photos in the front lobby. A love hotel room can be an ordinary room with a bed or they can fulfill your most decadent fantasy. Whether you want to role play, luxuriate in a jacuzzi, or relax in a water bed – a love hotel room can help you live out your wildest fantasies.

Remember to let your Japanese date help you select the room, choosing what she likes will keep her happy. Even if her choice is a pricey one, just remember that you’ve made it this far and you don’t want to blow it picking out the cheapest room. A happy date will leave you a happy man in the morning.

Once you’ve chosen your room you simply pay at the reception desk. However, this is no ordinary front desk – a dark plate of glass separates you and the receptionist for maximum privacy. Head off to your room for an evening to remember.

After your first trip to a love hotel your Western inhibitions will be history. You’ll soon fall head over heels for this Japanese concept that blends privacy and pleasure.